Rural Customers and using Quicken offline [edit]

I live in a remote location in rural Texas where access to the World Wide Web (WWW) is often not available for days. Therefore, I am dedicated to collecting "Paper Receipts, etc." that support my personal and business transactions.

Because Quicken IS NOT CLOUD BASED, this means that when the WWW is down, I can still break out my paper receipts and enter transactions into my Quicken ledgers and Quicken automates the process (does all the math, interconnecting transactions, prints reports, etc.)

Should the WWW never get restored, I can still use Quicken to do all of my ledger work and my only loss is the manual entry method took a bit of time out of my day. I can still print invoices, statements, etc. because my Quicken Ledgers contain the manually entered data.

Then, when the WWW is restored, I simply do the Quicken "One Step Update" and "Reconcile" processes to ensure my ledgers are accurate.

A cloud based application generally requires World Wide Web (WWW) access to open the application and use it. That means use of the application is either not available or is very limited. To me, that would mean a "Cloud Based Quicken Application" would be useless to me because my personal and business ledgers would be inaccesible.

I invite a bit of discussion on this subject, please.


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