Can Quicken PLEASE bring back feature to "Edit This Instance" for a scheduled transaction?

I'm asking about this again, because I am constantly frustrated by the lack of this feature (and have trouble believing I am alone!). The last response was "did you mean 'Edit All Instances' because 'Edit this Instance' doesn't exist". BUT IT USED TO... which was my point. I used this feature EXTENSIVELY! Main purpose was to add VERY IMPORTANT info to Memo/Notes because a couple of accounts I manage (not mine) are people living paycheck-to-paycheck... and it is VERY common that an instance is NOT going to be paid on time... or maybe a partial payment... or maybe a note to remind the person who owns the account to do something about it. Marking it as "Paid" or "Deposited" gives me an illusion that it's already taken care of, but it's not. I probably used this feature on half the bills that would need to be paid, so it's not just a "one-off" case. And it used to work that way for MANY years!


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    @Jim Richar Are you referring to how it worked in the legacy Quicken 2007 and prior? Because the "modern" Quicken Mac which has existed for the past eight years has not had this capability. I just launched an old copy of the original modern version, Quicken 2015, and it does not have a way to edit a single instance of a scheduled transaction.

    I understand the use case you have explained. It's certainly legitimate, but I suspect that relatively few Quicken Mac users have this need. In the infrequent times I've needed to pre-enter a Memo or change something about the next upcoming transactions, I've marked it paid; if I wanted to flag it in some way, I've either (a) set the status to Flag for Review, or (b) started the memo with "NOT YET PAID!" or something similar to catch my eye. Another approach is to Edit All Instances with whatever note you want for the upcoming transaction; when you do eventually mark it paid, then edit Edit All Instances again to remove the one-time memo. I get that none of these are quite as easy as the functionality you're asking for; I'm just offering some possible workflows to consider. 

    The former Quicken Mac product manager in the past explained why Quicken Mac doesn't allow editing of the memo field for the next instance of a scheduled transaction: "The unsatisfactory answer to why we don't allow you to edit the memo field is because Quicken Windows doesn't support it and the Quicken Cloud's feature set for scheduled transactions is defined by Quicken Windows." So this is a case, where making all the parts of the Quicken ecosystem work constrains what the Quicken Mac development team can do.

    All that said, there is an Idea post for this functionality, which you can see here. (The quote above comes from that thread.) I suggest you visit that link to add your vote, and copy-and-paste your post above into the thread. It's apparent this hasn't gained a lot of traction over the past couple years, but adding votes can help, as can adding comments. 
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