DivX transactions show up twice in a transaction report

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I'm running a transaction report to Excel to confirm the amounts in the Tax Planner, so I can be sure I'm estimating correctly and know where all the planner's numbers are coming from.

I'm just running a plain old Transaction report, with "Tax-Related Transactions Only" selected.

For the DivX transactions in a stock/div reinvestment account, they're showing up twice - once for the dividend paid, and once for the transfer out of the stock account and into my bank account.  I can't figure out why.

I *am* showing splits in the report because I have to, to get all my taxable transactions, I think.

The transfers in/out Tax Schedule fields, on the stock account, are blank.
Same on the bank account.

What other settings could be making these transactions occur as two separate taxable events?


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    This is the normal behavior for some of the investment security action types, as in using two lines for the transaction.  It isn't a repeated transaction.  You will notice that the second line doesn't have a date on it.
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