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Lloyd Young
Lloyd Young Windows Beta Beta
I would love to see the methodology used by Quicken development for deciding new functionality to be implemented. There are several excellent function requests made by beta testers that seemly have been ignored by development. It is frustrating to be a beta tester and never see valid feature suggestions be implemented in future releases. It might help if when new features are implemented if there was some rational published that stated why a particular function was implemented (was it a suggestion from a beta tester, something that development believed would improve functionality, etc.) There are some good features being implemented but I think there are some even better features that have been suggested that are being ignored.


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    One of my biggest gripes with you Quicken Inc is run (and Intuit before them) is the lack of transparency.
    And I think it really hurts them even though I think that they feel that it "protects them".

    One could say that if someone states that they are working on something and give an ETA, if for whatever reason they have to change the plan they will get complaints, and as such why not just deal with the complaints about having not status updates?

    But even though I do believe people will complain no matter what, what most people hate even more is not knowing.  In my opinion most people hate uncertainty (even more than change).
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