Trying to purchase Quicken but it won't let me create account

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I've spent the last hour just trying to purchase Quicken with no success. After I enter my credit card info I'm asked to sign in. I don't have a Quicken account so I try to create one but get the following error message:

Invalid Credentials.
Sign in, recover your account,
or choose a different Quicken ID (email address).

Ok, I'm not sure how the credentials could be invalid since I'm creating the account, so I click the link to 'recover your account'. It asks for my e-mail, I put it in, and it says to check my phone for a 6 digit code. I never received a code, but there's a link at the bottom that says 'Email me a code instead'. I click that and nothing happens, no page refresh, nothing. It's almost as if the link isn't a link.

Now I try to go and sign in with the username I'm trying to create an account with. I get the following message:

Your account needs to be migrated.
Please click here.

My best guess is that Quicken thinks I already have an old account because I have one with Intuit for Turbotax. I clicked the link and it just sends me to a blank page. I've seen others post that they are sent to a blank page when trying to migrate their accounts as well, but have found no resolution.

I have tried 3 different browsers, killing VPN, and looked through the Quicken help pages. I'm out of ideas here and hoping someone can help, it's as if they don't want my money.


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    I'd suggest that you'd be better off in this case calling Quicken Support. They should be able to work through the issue with you to get your account set up correctly, and they can even screen share with you if needed if they can't see what's going on from the back end. 
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  • Thanks for the reply. I spoke to support today and they told me it looks like a migration issue. They asked me to create a different e-mail address to purchase Quicken, I guess my legacy Intuit account is causing problems. I said I'm good, I'd like to use this product but it seems crazy to me that I can't login using my main e-mail address because of an issue on their end. Won't be purchasing for now.
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    I agree, that's crazy. Intuit account shave nothing to do with Quicken subscriptions nowadays; they should be able to clear or delete your migrated account from Intuit so you can purchase the product. 

    But for what it's worth, it you have a Gmail address, you can use an alias address without creating an actual new email address. Just add "+" and something to your normal email address. For instance, if your address is "[email protected]", you can use "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" and will appear to the outside world like a different address but will accept and send emails to that address to your existing email address.
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    @jacobs thanks for the tip. I ended up calling support and after about an hour and half of going back and forth trying different things they asked if they could call me back tomorrow. Tomorrow came and I never got a call back, so I called towards the end of the day and the next guy I got said he figured out the problem after about 40 minutes. He told me he needs to escalate to level II support and that they are closed so he'll call me the next day at 10AM. The next day came and I didn't receive a call, so I called back at around noon. I caught the third guy up on the situation and had to clearly tell him I need level II to migrate my account. After getting put on hold a few times he came back and said level II is migrating my account and it'll be fixed in an hour. 90 minutes later nothing was fixed so I called and got a fourth guy, fourth guy reached out to level II while I was on the phone and got them to start working on it. Almost an hour after being on hold he came back and started to take me through the same steps the first guy I talked to did. After that didn't work I was put on hold again until he came back and said level III has to step in, but unfortunately they are closed so they'll have to call me back on Monday (it was Friday by now).

    I just laughed and told him sure, if someone calls I'll pick up but every time I've been told I'll get a call back nobody reaches out. He apologized and assured me someone will call on Monday. Sure enough Monday came and went and nobody called me.

    I frankly gave up on Quicken support after wasting so many hours on the phone just trying to buy this product. I ended up using your + workaround and it works great. Appreciate your helpfulness, it's the only reason Quicken got my business.

    At this point I'm not too thrilled about Quicken's service and I've already discovered certain firms like Interactive Brokers and Computershare have issues connecting to Quicken, so I may end up cancelling before the 30 days is up, but wanted to post here to say thanks for the help.

    If anyone from Quicken is reading, I hope you seriously look into your support model, it's just not working.
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