Unable to access/open Quicken 2017 Deluxe progam and view data for 10 days now. What's happening?

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I was using Q easily and daily up through 12/9/22. Backed up my data that day. The next time I tried to use Q, probably 2 days later, it would not open. It would ask me for my pw, I would enter it, and then nothing would happen. I found some discussions about this issue and was finally convinced that I needed purchase Q's annual subscription. As I really need the data, esp. with end of the year coming up, I paid for the Deluxe version on 12/18. This morning I sat down to get going again, and I got stuck installing it. Contacted support through chat, and supposedly Q finally did install. However, I STILL can't use the program. I see the files, the app ... everything. But it just isn't working. Everything else on my Windows 10 computer still works just fine, but Q ... nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions, please? Non-techie here, so please keep that in mind. Thank you for your help.

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    Don't know who you talked to ... but purchasing the subscription had nothing to do with being unable to open Q2017, as you've already figured out.
    Are you getting ANY messages or codes when you try to open Q?
    Q will, normally, open with your last used data file.  But this isn't working SO can you go to wherever you keep your Q backup files and double-click on them (stating with the newest and working toward the oldest) until one of them opens?  My theory here is that your Q data file is corrupted.

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    What do you mean when you say "I see the files?" 
    What do you see when Quicken opens?
    I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but when you downloaded the new subscription to Quicken, did you restore your data files from a backup source? Your new subscription version doesn't automatically restore the data from your old 2017 version.
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    @Bethlk, I posted two potential solutions to your issue here:


    Did you try those suggestions?

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  • Bethlk
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    I did try those suggestions. The furthest I can get now is Q asking me for my pw ... like it's getting ready to open my registers ... but nope. I did try the Shift L click, and a small part of the dialogue did open ... but still no registers.
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