Currency Conversion Errors

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When I download Foreign Currency transactions to Quicken, it does not convert to USD, but marks the foreign currency amounts as USD. For example, if I have a transaction for Indian Rupees 10,000, rather than converting it to USD (~ $134), it downloads it as $10,000. While this is an obvious error, I spent a frustrating 45 min on the phone with the support person, who claims this is not an issue. He says I just have to manually convert each transaction! Not sure if any of you had this type of issue before and how you dealt with it. The support person refuses to report it as a software bug and says I just have to do it manually transaction by transaction. If we have to do it manually, not clear why we need Quicken for it, rather than using Microsoft Excel to log our transactions!

Any ideas?


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    Quicken Windows US doesn't support downloading for non-US/USD financial institutions.
    Quicken isn't a "world product", it meant for the US and Canadian, and in the case of Quicken Windows, these are even two separate products.

    The fact that you can even download from the financial institution implies that they have a US based server that you are connecting to.
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    That is quite surprising considering Quicken is already downloading all Foreign Currency conversion data. It should be a fairly simple code to fix this issue. I hope they will do it soon. Auto calculation will be quite helpful, rather than doing it manually. If MS Excel can do it, a dedicated software such as Quicken, which has been in the market for decades, should be able to do it in a ziffy!
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