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I wasn't sure where the best place was to ask this question. I am a long time USAA member and banking customer. I cancelled my insurance with them a few years ago because the service had gone from excellent to one of the worst. The same has happened with their banking products. I have a local bank but prefer to have one that is online as well as my main spending account. Is there a stand out with customer service and windows quicken compatability?


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    Salem Five Direct is the bank I use for everyday checking and savings. Their savings rates are competitive (4.10% right now). They do Direct Connect with Quicken and the Quicken transactions are instant. That is, if you transfer money via Quicken then wait ten seconds and download again, the transactions are cleared and reconciled. I use QMac, but I expect it would be the same with QWin.
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    4.10%. That is very good rate for a savings account.
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