How create Account registers entirely new Quicken file without contacting all your banks?

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Yes, it's Christmas Eve day, so don't feel obligated to answer this until after the holidays.

This was the best Quicken Community forum I could find for my Troubleshooting 101 problems.

Quicken subscription, v., Windows 10-64. I'm a Q-user since 2000. My file is 290 MB. I auto-download transaction my transactions, but any transaction that need modification takes 11.7 seconds to complete before I can move onto the next Quicken action. Quicken Support asked me "What's wrong with that"? I found that response unproductive. All SuperUsers agree it shouldn't take that long. On there is discussion about why it is slow, but no solution.

So I decided that for 2023, I would take the Quicken Support suggestion and prepare an entirely new file for all my accounts completely from scratch. At the least, this would eliminate the possibility that categories could be the culprit.

I successfully created a new file, signed into Quicken, chose NOT to include Mobile access, and went about adding ACCOUNTS.

I tried creating accounts for two major brokerages. For both accounts, it appears that I would have to contact the brokerage and speak with a person. For one brokerage, they even sent me email, I successfully satisfied 2-FA, 2-factor authorization, but upon returning to my new Quicken file to create that account there was No JOY in creating the account.

I can wait until after the holidays to call up the banks et cetera, but to me, this is not how Quicken should operate.

Where did I go wrong?

Happy Holidays and thanks in advance for your thoughtful replies,

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    It might help if you would state which brokers.  Note that 2FA is only ever needed for Express Web Connect accounts, which shouldn't include any investment accounts.  That isn't to say you might not have to authorize the access, but that is handled differently.

    Most broker/investment accounts are Direct Connect.  Direct Connect doesn't use 2FA, it has its own security model.  You might have to turn on access at their website though, and maybe in a rare case even contact the financial institution, even though I have never encountered that.

    Charles Schwab, Chase have changed over to Express Web Connect + where you "reauthorize" and it takes you to their website where you have to log in and authorize the connection.
    This is my website:
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    Thank you, I'll work with that knowledge and see if I can make progress. One of the brokers is Schwab
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    ADD: The words of Chris_QPW seem to have calmed the ether of Quicken space. I took the knowledge that he provided, didn't do anything knowingly different from my 1st attempt. I was able to create a 'virgin' Quicken file for 2023 with effective downloads from three major brokerages. One small brokerage 1) wanted my user in all caps, which I had done before with no joy. 2) It also wanted me to enter my account over the web, go to settings and authorize Quicken. Upon arrival at that setting, I found Quicken already was authorized. Seeing nothing else to do, I toggled the authorize button On>Off>On, and all was smooth sailing. Clearly the ghosts and goblins of the old year were whisked away by the new year. Maybe I had a bad internet connection the first time around? Who knows, but I am a happy camper! My thanks to Chris_QPW
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