Quicken extremely slow after it is open for a while

At some point quicken became extremely slow when it is open for a period of time. I even tried switch to a new computer with m2 extreme SSD's to resolve the issue but that didn't seem to do anything.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

If I close the program and reopen it I am able to enter transactions without much of an issue for a while but if I leave and come back the problem returns.

Basically, what happens if I leave it open for a long time and go in and start to type a transaction everything just hangs. For example if I type "Power Company" it freezes between each character. So P..........O.......W..........E.......R..... and if i stop typing it will autofill the rest. Or if I have to keep typing the same situation continues. If I close the program and open it again I am fine during that short session where it will autofill at normal speed.



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