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How can I or who has the ability to make suggestions for new reports?


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    On most of the Community pages you can click on the +New Post button and select New Idea.  You can also go here and select the category from the list provided:  Product Ideas - Quicken for Mac.

    Once the New Idea is written up and submitted be sure to cast your vote for it as shown in this example:

    Ideas posted are then viewable by others in Community and if they like the idea they can cast their own votes for it. 

    The Quicken Team does monitor New Ideas and if they determine it is feasible they perhaps will add it to their development plan.  The more users who vote for an idea the more likely it is that it will be selected to be added to the development plan.  There are no guarantees that an idea will be selected for inclusion in the development plan but if we don't ask then there is no chance it will get included.

    They will also update the status of the idea which it changes.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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