Marking off matched paper receipts

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How do you reconcile paper receipts and mark off as matched in Quicken registers?

I couldn't find anything to this effect so I have been flagging them with green flags that the receipt has been matched and accounted for - and then I can dispose the paper receipt.

If there is a better way to do it, please share with me so I can start off the 2023 year on this possible new approach.



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    How did they get into Quicken to begin with?  Were they downloaded or manually entered?
    To me, once they are in Quicken, the paper receipt is useless (unless for your physical records), it is comparing Quicken to the FI's monthly statement that is important to ensure that they haven't added anything that you aren't aware of.
    That last step is the reconciliation that puts the Rs in the CLR column of the register.

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  • JR M
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    My workflow is to enter the receipts daily so they are then matched when I download transactions, which they can marked as cleared. Once cleared, I dispose of the receipt for items with no possible return (restaurants, grocery stores) or I hold on to other receipts for three months and then dispose. Major purchases get held on to longer.
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