How do I see the transactions on my loans?

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I have two loan accounts set up. I go to the Account List and click Edit. Under Account Details, I go to the Display Options tab. The box for Hide in transaction entry lists is checked. It's grayed out so I can't uncheck the box. The app is not showing the transactions in either account and the transactions are not showing up in spending, budgets, etc. How do I fix this so I can see these transactions?


  • Tom Young
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    Are these loans both "downloading" loans where the lender sends information to Quicken to update the balances?  If that's the case then you have no access to any sort of loan register as the fiction is that the loan balance is always correct - it's been provided by the lender - and you don't need to and shouldn't access the loan register.
    Disconnect the loans from the financial institution servicing the loans and you should be able to see the register.
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