Options for installing Quicken in Australia? Thank you

I was using Quicken 2011 from Australia and now have no access to Quicken. Looking for my options to use Quicken backup files. Thanks


  • Tom Young
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    Are you referring to Reckon, the Australian version of Quicken (Reckon Accounts Personal)? Or were you really using the US Quicken 2011 in Australia? 
    It looks like the entity that owned the "Reckon Accountants Group" (which maybe included Reckon Personal???) is now owned by a London-based group.  Is this related to your "no access to Quicken" statement?
    It's not really clear what your problem is here.  If you were using a pure "desktop" version of the US Quicken 2011 software or the Australian equivalent I'd say the product has "sunsetted" (no longer supported) but would continue to work on your computer, and you should always be able to open Quicken/Reckon backup files.
  • Hi Tom,
    To explain more...I was using the Australian version of Quicken Personal 2011 for years and my desktop hard drive recently died and had to be replaced. It does not support the old 2011 version. I need a similar program for my personal finances and would ask if there is such that I can import all my old Qdata into. Can you suggest same? Does Reckon personal allow Qdata upload? Thanks for any input
  • Tom Young
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    The name "Quicken" was only used for a short time I believe, and then became "Reckon", which looks to still be in the business of supplying accounting programs and support.  I think you'd have you best luck with Reckon since I don't know if their personal accounting software is still "Quicken" at its heart or has been independently developed by Reckon.  I'd start here:

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