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I am currently using an old Quicken 2011R8 ( Home and Business edition. If I upgrade to the latest version, must I match the edition in order to open/import the old file? That is, do I need to upgrade to the Home and Business version since that's what I'm currently using or could I use the current Premier edition and still be able to properly import my Q2011 files?


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    The data will import fine AFAIK, but you will lose access to all H&B features if you still need those.

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    I personally wouldn't recommend updating to the Subscription (newest) version if you are happy with manually entering transactions.  At the most I would upgrade to the free Quicken 2013 Deluxe version you can get here:

    But if you really want to update, you don't have to update to the Home and Business edition.  The actual data file doesn't change, the edition just picks what features will be on or off.  In the case of business accounts, they will be shown as a type that is supported in the edition you are in (no business functions).
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