"Recalculating" the balance on a Credit Card account

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Greetings, I am using Quicken for the Web, piggybacking on my wife's account. We added a new credit card and I have a combination of manual and automatically posted transactions. My running balance is not correct; my first transaction of $20 reflects a credit balance, likely resulting from a "balance adjustment" I posted and subsequently deleted. Is there a way for me to "recalculate" my balance using the current correct data? Thanks in advance for your help. Tom B


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    I'm unclear as to what your situation is.  What balance currently shows in Q, and what is the balance supposed to be?
    And, if you  deleted that adjustment, then it entirely went away.  So I'm even more uncertain about your situation.
    Also, is that $20 supposed to be a credit transaction?  Or what?  And what color is the last value in the Balance column of the account?

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  • Behnfield
    Thanks for your reply. Logging out and in refreshed the "balance" column. It now shows correctly. I won't waste any more of your time. Happy Holidays!
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