BOA- Merrill Lynch QFX file cannot be processed after rollover

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Up until mid November, I was able to log into my Merrill Lynch (BOA) retirement account and create a QFX file to import into Quicken. Then Merrill processed a rollover for me and since that point, the QFX file I receive cannot be imported/processed in Quicken. I get the classic OL-220A error. I've contacted Merrill and spent about THREE WEEKS trying to get them to look into why the file I get is improperly formatted or corrupt. They insist there is nothing wrong with the file and tell me its my/Quicken's issue. They keep pointing to an older issue that Quicken did have with BOA that has since been resolved (or so the forum seems to state)

Now what?


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    If you look at the connection log it should give some more information on what it doesn't like about the QFX file.
    Help -> Contact Support -> Log Files -> Connection log

    For what it is worth, my wife's 401K is with Merrill Lynch too, and as such I too have to export/import a QFX file for that account, and it imports just fine.  And note that this is quite different from the people that are lucky enough that their accounts are able to download automatically and the "resolved" announcements are probably about that instead of exporting/importing of QFX files.
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    Hello @Chris_QPW ,

    Just had a chance to try your suggestion and unfortunately it didn't help. Looking at the log you pointed me to, shows me nothing in relation to the import of the Merrill QFX file. I even tried downloading a brand new export and importing it JUST NOW, in the hopes of capturing a log right now.. and the log doesn't show a thing. So I'm still stuck at square one. But thanks for trying! Knowing that your wife's file can be imported just fine confirms there is something wrong with mine specifically.

    Best, Lisa
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