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OK didn't really find this in any searches so I thought i would post here.
We take $$ from our checking account every week for day to day living expenses and cash when we go on vacation.
If we have cash left over, we just set it aside at home and continue our weekly cash draws from checking accounts.

Now at the end of the year we have a good amount of cash I would like to deposit into our checking account and pay on a credit card.

How do I record this without creating a "cash on hand" category, since I think that would be the same issue.


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    What category did the cash draws go to?  Use that or you can make a one sided entry by putting in the same account as a transfer for the category.  Then it doesn't go anywhere.  Like in the checking account put [Checking] in square brackets.  

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    I have an account named Cash. Money transfers in and is properly categorized when spent. I never have leftover cash, but that would simply be a transfer to checking. It would be a good idea to reconcile the Cash account at that time.. Simple and consistent with Quicken's style of operation.

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    I have a [Pocket Cash] account that I transfer money into when I do ATM withdrawals or receive money from someone.  I generally don't record when/how I spend it unless it is a significant amount or for some item that I want to document.  Every once in awhile, I count what I really have on hand (like you at the end of the year) and reconcile the account with an adjustment transaction against the Misc category since I really don't care where the money went. 
    In your case, you could then transfer it back to checking to make a credit card payment.
    The benefit of doing something like this is that you have some idea how much money you are spending over the course of the year in cash and where some of it might have gone if you document the bigger amounts.
    It is only as much extra work as you want to make it.

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