Quicken Software Glitchy

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Am I alone????

For awhile now I have experienced the software as I am using it....displaying strange things.  The Longer I have it open, the more accts I swtich to and from, the slower the switch becomes.  Sometimes when the switch is happening, the Quicken display chnages...I might see the Register going to a smaller screen monetarily, I might even see my screen go Black.  When I notice these issues I will exit Quicken and and re-open it...and all seems to be fine....until I have increase my activity...and the glitches start again.

My Data File is only 1 year...at the end of each year I achive the prior year and start the New year with 1/1/XXXX Transactions.

What I notice is that when I EXIT Quicken...I see multipile Quicken Windows closing...is as if all registers I have switched too....all remain OPEN.  Is that so, when I switch from Register A to Register B...Register A does not close...until I exit Quicken?  I ask because again, seems more Registers I go to...glitches in software begin and perhaps it is because I have many Q Windows open ...until when closing Q I see the Many windows populating and closing.

As a Quicken user since the Late 80's, I am finding the software running unsteady...and to me it is concerning....


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    Are you using Pop-up registers?

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  • denmarfl
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    Looked at my Setting menu....never knew there was such a setting or what it even does...but mine is Grayed Out, I could not select even if I wanted to...thanks for your reply.  
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