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The accept all has gotten me into trouble so I have to accept each transaction after I have had a chance to check it against other entries, etc. A feature that allowed multiple selection in the downloaded transaction list then click on Accept Selected would be a huge help. For example, I know all of the transactions to H-E-B are groceries so I could just select the first one, shift select the last and accept all 15. Looking at thee transactions to day I see 25-30 Amazon entries. It would be quick to select them and accept.

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    Until and if they implement your idea, I suggest you scroll through the list, accepting the ones that need special handling one by one and then after handling them, doing an Accept All of the rest.  In fact, it might be faster since you wouldn't have to select ranges of transactions.

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    How frequently do you download transactions from the bank?
    IMHO, Daily downloading is best, or maybe once a week. Makes for a smaller pile of transactions to process, which is easier to handle.
    Also please remember that banks only have between 60 and 90 days of recent transactions available for downloading. If your downloading interval is longer than that, you will not be able to download the oldest ones.