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I'd love to be able to show the ticker symbol on an individual investment account's holdings tab. I know I can add it to the investing portfolio overview, and would like to see that ability added to the holdings tab as well.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    A recent change in Quicken was to add the option to include the ticker symbol with the security name in the Transaction List (Register), but unfortunately that does not carry over to the Holdings view or other places in Quicken.

    What I have done is to rename each of my securities so they begin with the ticker symbol, so General Electric becomes GE-General Electric.
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  • This is a sorely needed feature and exactly what is needed to make the the Holdings view meaningful!!!! I've up-voted this. Quicken development team… this is an easy enhancement for you to implement! Thanks!

  • SappyOphile
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    I'm all for the Quicken development team to make this enhancement.

  • UKR
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    If, instead of using the Holdings view, you were to use the Investing tab's Portfolio View, you could easily add the Ticker Symbol column to your Portfolio view and position it to the left of the Shares column.