Crashing after new install

I purchased Quicken and downloaded the file straight from the Quicken site. I have installed and uninstalled the program at least four times. I cannot keep it open to even get an account set up in a file. The program stays open for about a minute or so, then closes without any error message or any type of warning. I purchased the software at 2:00 am this morning and I already have at least 9 Crash Dumps shown in the folder for this program.

As I am a new customer to Quicken, this is unacceptable and I have already asked for a refund of the funds paid for my year's subscription and cancelled the renewal for next year. I am disappointed as I have had good experiences with Quicken products in the past.

I have used Quicken and Quickbooks in the past, before they were online services and had no trouble with the software. This file does not stand up to the past versions and I will look elsewhere for a package to handle my finances.


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