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Subscription model for existing customers -- suggestion

Hello H.I.G. Capital,

As a long term user of Quicken, which H.I.G. Capital acquired in 2016, I have an suggestion for your current pricing model.

My suggestion is quite simple – offer a long term license, with an corresponding discount. For example offer a Three-Year license for the price of Two years! List price being $83.88 / year…. Offer THREE Years for $167.76 (the current price of Two years of Quicken Premier).
I may be in the minority, but if the discount were worth it, I’d even consider buying a Three, Four, or even a Five year license. This would allow you to have long term subscribers / customers locked in for many ‘future years’… and long term cash flow!

Upon searching where to buy my next year’s license, I was on ( and see that Quicken has an special introductory pricing for new subscribers / customers.
While I understand the reasoning behind such an offer, I also think you should offer your long term subscribers (users) a similar offer.

I’m not particularly fond of your current pricing structure, which forces me to buy an Annual Subscription. Prior to H.I.G. Capital’s acquisition, I would buy the current version of Quicken every 2-3 years, as that kept me current enough.
With your current subscription model, I have no other option, but to buy the annual license required to keep my online access, through Quicken. (granted, this is music to your ears, no doubt).
It is the proceeds from your devoted customer base, that allows you the cash flow to offer the New Subscriber offer in the first place; so we (your loyal subscriber base) ought to be offered some form of a discount. As I mentioned above, I’ve been a user of Quicken for over 20 years. But every year when it’s time for me to renew, I do an extensive search for a similar product, at a reduced cost. I usually come up short, finding nothing comparable. This year I found NCH Software’s MoneyLine (not a comparable product….. yet). So, a long term license would reduce any Quicken subscriber erosion you may be experiencing.


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