Tax Planner no longer shows 2022 income after midnight 12/31/2022

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I was using the tax planner 12/31/2022 to estimate my final quarterly payment. Upon loading the planner 01/01/2023, the tax year 2022 no longer has any income from any source. The income for 2021 can be displayed but nothing for 2022. Payments made do show up.


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    Set your system clock back to 2022.

    As I play with the Tax Planner this is what I see.  The two-year selections (currently 2021 and 2022) seem to be hard coded that the Projected Scenario for the first selection (currently 2021) will select the transactions from that year.  Whereas the Projected Scenario for the second selection (currently 2022) will select the transactions/reminders for the current year (2023).

    UPDATE.  For a bit I was seeing 2023 reminders when selecting 2022 with the projected scenario, but as I changed things even that stopped and only 2021 transaction would show up.  So, until they put out an update to switch to 2022 and 2023 the only way I see to see 2022 transactions is to set your system clock back to a date in 2022.  I suggest December 31, 2022, and that you don't spend a lot of time with your system clock set back this way.  Get your numbers and then get set back to the current date/time.
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    Thanks. That was exactly what I did. This product continues to amaze me as to how little works correctly any more.
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    Quicken has a patch, go to Quicken/mondo and it will allow you to download and install, it is working well for me.
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