Moving to Win10 From Win7, Can't Get Q2016 to run

Good evening,

I'm trying to move my Quicken Premier 2016 program from my soon to be retired Win 7 machine to a newer Win 10 machine.

I copied the entire Quicken folder to the exact location from Win 7 to Win 10 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken" and I copied the "QUICKEN.INI" config file from Win 7 to Win 10 into the "C:\Windows" folder as was in Win 7. However, after doing so, QW still will not open in Win 10. In fact, nothing happens when I try to open it. It does however, work in Win 7.

It should be noted that I don't have the Quicken Premier 2016 CD. My original disk is the 2010 version and I upgraded to 2016 with an online download from Quicken/Intuit.

I've gone into my Quicken online account and there is no record of my purchase. I only have an email record of my purchase.

Can someone advise what I am doing wrong? What have I missed? I happen to love QW2016, I don't use any of the online features and I'm not looking to get the subscription version.

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    You would have gotten that download from Intuit for QW2016 and they stopped providing them a long time ago and Quicken, Inc doesn't provide downloads for anything but current subscription Quicken (2018+), so you are out of luck getting an "official download" here.
    The download you got at the time did not upgrade your 2010 Quicken, it was a complete replacement of it.  Have you searched your old computer for a Quicken installation .exe program?  I'm pretty sure it would be named Quicken_Premier_2016.exe, at least that is what mine was called.

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    I have checked, can't find it.
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