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I'd like to be able to set up an accurate budget. Including my mortgage payment is a big part of that. I checked for how to do it and saw a closed discussion in Jan 2020 that said:

"At the present time, Quicken isn't setup to track Transfers in your budget. (And that is what your principal amount technically is.) So, in short, you won't be able to budget your mortgage payment.

The project manager has made it clear that this is high on the priority list to address. It is a lot more complicated to implement than it appears at face value."

HAS THIS KNOWN ISSUE BEEN RESOLVED? IF NOT, THEN WHEN?...sounds like it's been a priority for over 3 years. Until resolved, the budget feature is close to useless.


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    Budgeting for transfers is available.  Simply click on the "Manage Budget Categories" and you'll see transfers are available as a line item.

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