Will Quicken allow me to import from another programme?

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Hi - probably a very basic question, but will I be able to import the data I have from another programme? DoesQuicken allow a CSV import. I have data going back to 2001 (originally in MS Money... what a wonderful programme that was), and recently in a UK programme called Jiosoft that simply can't seem to offer decent analysis/reporting - so it is time to move on. Quicken seems to be top of the pops in terms of reviews, but will it take a large import??

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    No, Quicken is only supported in the US and Canada though there are some UK users that manage to use Quicken in Manual Mode. You can get a free copy of Quicken 2013 from https://assistant.quicken.com/patch/ASDES5672FR13/Old_Products/QWIN/QW2013DLX.exe and the free ImportQIF (also supports CSV) from QuicknPerlWiz - Use ImportQIF to import transactions into Quicken.
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    To add to what @Greg_the_Geek stated:  Quicken cannot import CSV files.  That being said, some CSV, Excel and OFX files might be able to be manually imported but they will first need to be converted into a compatible QIF formatted file.  The ImportQIF program referenced by him was developed by a longtime Quicken user and very active participant in this Community forum.  I have not used it myself but there are quite a few who have posted in the Community forum that it is pretty easy to use and it works well.

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