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How to Report Stock Compensation

artgarcia150 Member
edited February 4 in Investing (Mac)
I get comp in stock. "adding shares" action doesn't allow me to show this as income for report purposes. Any help here?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is an "accounting" issue I can address without knowing anything about the Mac version of Quicken.  First, though, You might want to hang some flesh on these bones, and I say that because ALL COMPENSATION comes with the baggage of withholding of taxes, even stock compensation, and that frequently confuses people and requires more accounting entries. 
    I take it that you're using an Investment Account here so in the very simplest if situations where you have, say, compensation of $1,000 denoted by receiving 20 shares of the stock ($1,000/20 = $50/share) you'd create a "deposit" (not  a transfer, this is money coming from outside your Quicken file) of $1,000 with an offset to whatever "compensation" Category you might typically use with a regular paycheck.  Then you use that $1,000 of cash to buy 20 shares of the stock.  End result: have 20 shares of the stock properly costed and $1,000 of compensation recorded.
  • artgarcia150
    artgarcia150 Member
    Thanks. Nice workaround.
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