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Each month I download transactions as follows: (1) A recorded a withdrawal from the brokerage and (2) a separate transaction as a deposit to the checking account. it's a fixed amount each month. I'd like to make less tedious.
Is there a way to for Quicken to memorize this monthly transfer and categorize it as transfer and record it to each account? Currently it's noted as an uncategorized transaction.


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    In the checking account you should just be recording a deposit where the category is [Brokerage Account] where "Brokerage Account" is the name of the brokerage account.  You can choose to have separate transactions for different brokerage accounts or just create a split transaction that has all of them in one.
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    Quicken now calls memorized transactions "reminders".
    Do Bills > Add Reminder > Transfer Reminder. Then fill in the details in the resulting dialog.

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    And, if I may add, do record this reminder on or before the day that it actually happens and BEFORE you download transactions from either bank or brokerage. Quicken may not be able to conjure up a proper transfer transaction from whatever is downloaded. Having a properly categorized transfer transaction in your registers when the download occurs will make this process work much better.
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