How to delete 781 duplicate investment transactions downloaded?

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Quicken downloaded 781 duplicate investment transactions (that have previously been downloaded and accepted). Quicken only lets me select one at a time for deletion. How do I delete all the downloaded transactions without having to repeat the process 781 times? (I have noticed people in the Quicken Forum saying to just accept them and try to filter them as "cleared" transactions vs. reconciled. I have 1000s of transactions in this account since 2018 and reconciling is not an option. All I want to do is delete the downloaded transactions without first "accepting" the into the register.) There is an "Accept All" feature, why not a "Delete All" feature?


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    You can't delete multiple transactions in the Downloaded Transactions tab in an investment account.  To delete multiple transactions in and investment account you will have to accept them into the register.

    My suggestion would be to make sure all the existing transactions are reconciled before doing this.
    After that you can select the gear icon -> Edit Multiple Transactions.  You can then sort by the Clr column and select the transactions that haven't been reconciled so that you can delete them. Being careful not to delete any transactions that are actually new.

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    Chris, thank you. I have seen that suggestion in the use community. Unfortunately, these investment transactions from a brokerage account don't reconcile well (I tried). Also, the "Accept-All" doesn't work well for the "sold" transactions. Quicken requires me to go through and identify specific lots for each sell transaction. I appreciate the suggestion of the work-around.

    I wish the Quicken creators/owners would add features that customers need like "Delete All" for downloaded investment transactions. There's "Accept All", how hard can it be to add "Delete All". I have been using Quicken for 15-20 years and I've been experiencing increasing problems with its stability. Maybe it is time for me to "let go" of Quicken and use something else.
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    I think the solution above is helpful for a SMALL number of transactions as DDrex has 781 txns to verify; however, my issue is somewhat similar to DDrex's in that I have to rebuild a corrupted database across several accounts I have. SOMEHOW ... in the dim, dark, gloomy past, random sequences of transactions in several accounts disappeared. I keep tons of backups so I selected a date range start in 1/1/2001 and dumped the txns from several QDF files onto a QIF file. [don't ask how long that took: the whole day]. :-)

    I just started the first of probably five or six imports of unique QIF files. I noticed two "things": 1) somehow a 20 or 30 kb file created 900+ transactions and 2) occasionally, I saw a few prompts asking if a txn were the same as one on file.

    Anyway, I now have fewer than 900 txns to check for duplicates as after reading suggestions it appeared my task was going to be lengthy and boring. SO, rather than COMPLAIN TOO LOUDLY, I have ... a few thoughts:
    a) when importing txns can't the import identify duplicates more stringently? Right now the import does recognize a few
    b) add a reconcile feature that sorts likely duplicates by date, posting date, amount, payee so the user can select any nbr of dupes to delete in the group (just as the edit feature works for multiple txns one wants to edit).
    c) as part of the validate when it recognizes previously validated periods it verifies that the beginning and ending totals for each period are still equal to the original period reconciled; i.e., consider each month (or range) as a batch, each batch has a batch header created in the original reconcile that all subsequent validates verify.
    d) I'm not trying to be a wise guy BUT I've noticed other folks complaining about losing data so I know I'm not the only one; so Quicken's programmers should check with the other clients' problems/issues, check if any of those clients has a "nifty" solution, and then create a simple, elegant solution. :-)
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