Which has bank most reliable quicken connection

My old bank (compass) got worse when merged with BBVA. Now it's gotten way worse when it got bought out by PNC. I'm shopping for a new bank that's too big to get bought out. Between Chase, BOA, WAMU, Citi, which has the most reliable integration with Quicken?


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    Direct Connect seems to be the most reliable connection but how long any bank will support it is unknown. Chase and BoA have moved to EWC+. I believe PNC still supports DC.
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    Any connection type is only as good as the financial institution.  In general, I think Direct Connect/OFX is the best (of the automatic ones) for the simple reasons that only Quicken (the program), and the financial institution are involved, and it is a very old stable protocol.

    Express Web Connect + is using the new standard FDX between Intuit and the financial institution, so there is that.  But it is new, and one might argue wasn't really the problem for reliability for a lot of financial institutions (but was for others).

    Express Web Connect left it up to an "agreement" between Intuit and the financial institution of how they would log in and get the data.  As such, some financial institutions provided reliable methods, some terrible methods.

    But with both of these there are all of these "players" involved.
    Quicken (the program), Quicken servers (syncing to the Quicken Cloud data set), Intuit servers, financial institution

    Note that without exception every time a financial institution changes to Express Web Connect + there have been major problems.  Maybe they will get better for other financial institutions, maybe not.  At any case "most" of the problems seem to be fixed in time and I'm using Chase for checking, credit cards, and investment accounts and it seems to be pretty stable except for this last major outage of all of Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect +, which took about 1 day to get fixed.  And note I said "most".  First off, just setting it up is harder because you have to go through a process that does the authorizing on the financial institution's website which for some people the handshaking between the financial institution and Quicken doesn't work.  And it has it quirks like one has be really careful on the linking of accounts because it might ask to link accounts that are already linked and things like that.  And others have reported not getting transactions or missing ones.  And then there is the online balance that on Chase during the weekend/holidays will have pending transactions in the online balance amount, but not downloaded (they shouldn't be downloaded so that part is right).

    That sounds like "a real mess", but in reality, depending on the financial institution almost all of this kind of things come up even for Direct Connect for some people.  For instance, I have never had a problem setting up my Costco Citi credit card with Direct Connect with the financial institution of Citi Cards.  But there are always people stating that they can't get it to work.  Most of them are because they don't use the right financial institution/Direct Connect/and authorize it on the Citi Cards website.  Others are just a complete mystery.  And for the online balance there are financial institutions that even with Direct Connect would always be out of sync with the transactions at least temporary, until pending transaction post.
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