Why does Quicken send me offers for 40% off when I am a former subscriber

I continually get offers to get Quicken for 40% off, sent because I was a subscriber and have owned Quicken for years.  However, at the bottom it says the offer is only good for first time subscribers.  Why do they send that offer if I'm not eligible for it?  I would like to take advantage of it, but am fearful I would pay for it and they wouldn't allow me to restart my subscription with it.   It the offer truly only for new subscribers?


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    If the emails you get say that the discount is only for new subscribers then, yes, it truly is only for new subscribers.  It's a good thing you noticed that.  Too often I hear of people who didn't read the fine print and then were very upset and disappointed when they found out they would need to pay a higher price because they are not new subscribers.

    I do not know why you are getting those promotional marketing emails but there should be a link somewhere toward the bottom of the email that will allow you to unsubscribe for future marketing emails.  You might want to consider clicking on that link if you do not wish to get them any more.

    BTW, there are some nice promotional discounts offered to existing/previous subscribers but they are usually for a smaller discount amounts.  Your best opportunity to get the biggest discounts offers are with retailers, like Best Buy, Walmart, Costco or Amazon.  They don't come up very often so you need to check around frequently.
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    Thank you.  I have unsubscribed but think it is unethical for them to send those emails to previous subscribers they know are not eligible for the offer.
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    I seriously doubt that anyone even looks at their marketing email lists.  Your name got somehow put into the marketing database, most likely when you bought Quicken previously, with very minimal information about you....maybe just name, address and email address.  If you did not Opt Out from getting marketing communications or you did not set your notification preferences to say "No" to marketing emails then by default their computer just sends their marketing info to you.  Now that you have unsubscribed you should stop receiving those marketing emails within a short period of time.

    They are doing exactly the same thing that my cable company, my cell phone provider and other companies do to me....send me marketing mail and emails promoting products and offering new customer rates for something I already have.  While it can be irritating it is not unethical unless they continue to send you those things after you have Opted Out (privacy policy) and/or have changed your marketing notifications settings (i.e., unsubscribe).  

    Almost every business does this.  That is why it is so important that we make sure to Opt Out with the companies' Privacy Notices and also that we set our online account preferences to not include any notifications about anything that we don't want to receive.  
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