Why are Quicken Budget Tools Not Working Well?

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I have tried to create a 2023 Budget, unssuccesfully. I used the Create Budget tool (that is supposed to use the existing 2022 Budget) but the results including categories were unrecognizable. I read threads in the Community discussion and realized that others are having similar problems. I talked to a Quicken customer service representative today (Jan 3, 2023) and he told me Quicken knows that its Budget tools are not working and he did not have a timeline for a fix.
I would like to know when Quicken is going to fix this problem. I would think the Budgeting tool is one of the fundamental tools it offers and not having a timeline for a fix is frustrating.
I am using Quicken Premier for Windows, Version R45.21 Build


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    Quicken Inc doesn't announce timelines for fixes.  In a way I can understand that.  Timelines change all the time because of things that come up and as such they would have customers complaining about not hitting those timelines.

    As for the budget I'm either not following what you are talking about or just not seeing the problem.
    One of the frustrating parts about Quicken's budgets for the new year is that it has different options when you extend a budget in the old year vs the new year.  And on top of that you don't have the same options when you create a new budget in comparison to extending an existing budget into the new year.  It makes it all very confusing.
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