Why don't all details of a split transaction show on a report??

John Bythewood
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This happens VERY often; I make a split entry, using sub-categories; run a report and one or more of the entries doesn't show on the report. IE: car insurance(main category) with 3 cars (subcategories); Each car has an $ entry for insurance payment. Then the report shows only 2 of the 3 dollar amount. The report is for 12 months and 4 of the 12 months do not have an $ entry for 1 of the cars.


  • Tom Young
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    What you're describing here shouldn't happen.  However, Quicken "updates" have been known to screw up saved reports, so if you are using a saved report then try customizing again it in some way or, if that doesn't work, recreate it from scratch.
  • I'm a 20+ user and this is not the first time it has happened. I delete the report...yes, delete.... and recreate the report with the same result. I've had a similar situation with pay checks, which was even more aggravating. I've tried to get tech support to help, but still no fix. Because of my yrs of experience, I don't usually go to community group but thought I'd try this time. Thanks for your reply, but no resolve with your suggestion. I'm just thankful these reports are not used in an official capacity!!!
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