I am a 10-year user of Quicken and it is an important program in my personal finance.

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Everything was normal until Quicken chose to revise the method of interaction with my Bank of America account. This is my principal bank and connections to credit/debit,utility, tax and pension activities, about two dozen monthly. This is NOT the only bank, stock investment or real estate I have. I recently changed my address and older computers that are no longer reliable after seven years. The new HP equipment is identical, other than speed and capacity, and all my functions have been successfully transferred EXCEPT QUICKEN. Windows is now #10 vs #11 and Version is 45.1.


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    What exactly is the problem with Quicken? We're not mind readers.
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    I have not been able to update my Quicken Premier which is current on annual basis. Some of the expected payments have not been activated. I am not looking to continuing my entire history but only restarting with my last paper statements as of December21,2021.
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    What BUILD of Q are you currently running?
    What's your "Membership Valid Thru" date?
    Both of these pieces of info can be found at HELP, ABOUT Quicken

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    Also, with the change in how Quicken and BofA communicate, you can no longer have Quicken tell BofA to pay a specific bill. You have to tell BofA to pay the bill. BofA can then tell Quicken about the payment when it is made. 
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