How to make investment dividends show up in checking acct

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Quicken 45.21 on Windows.  I have an automatic payment set up from an investment account into my checking account (done by the investment house).  But when Quicken downloads the transaction, it categorizes it as "Dining" and I have to go in manually to change it to [Checking].  Is there a way I can set that up correctly to be automatic?


  • jay46
    jay46 Member ✭✭✭
    I've been using Quicken for years, and there are hundreds of transactions categorized "Dining" (which I use every time I charge a restaurant meal). 

    I guess I need more help understanding how to find and edit a "Memorized Transaction" that has to do with investments.  In fact, that would be a big help because there is also another transaction every month that is incorrectly categorized and needs to be "Tax: Federal".

    Where / How can I find "Memorized Transactions" related to Investment accounts?
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