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Ray Cosner
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This morning 1/6/23, I conducted some of my daily business in Q and then went through the Tax Planner workaround (successfully).  Did some more transactions, then hit TP again.  This time, the tax year drop-down had a selection for 2023, and none for 2021 -  2022 was pre-selected and it showed valid data.  However, when I selected 2023 in the drop down, it did not "take" in TP.  I guess that's progress.....  I did not install any patch update today, don't know how TP got modified; apparently it's not entirely running locally on my computer.

I then closed Q, waited a few minutes, and re-launched it.  TP was pre-selected for 2022, and the data it displayed was badly flawed.  There was no drop-down option for 2021, so I could not apply the now-familiar work-around.  As before the 2023 selection did not hold.

Quicken Premier subscription R45.21, on Win-11.


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    Same here
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    Keep an eye out for the R46.9 version to be posted on the Mondo Patch web page. It has the Planner update. With still more testing needed to verify the numbers, 2022 looks intact and 2023 looks reasonable.

    @Ray Cosner There are a few web page templates associated with the Tax Planner that can be pushed to the Quicken Program Data folder that do not require a version update. That is what you saw.
  • Ray Cosner
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    I have just downloaded and installed the Mondo patch R46.9.  Both my 2022 and 2023 tax data appear credible.
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