Using Brave [browser], Quicken credit card account set up hangs when linking to Chase

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Chase apparently decided that Quicken doesn't need to know Chase customers' passwords and only allows linking Quicken using the Chase bank-hosted sign-in form. Before Quicken introduced the "password vault," this was the way all credit card accounts worked... using a bank-hosted sign-in form. I'm not sure why Quicken implemented the password vault, since the bank-hosted sign-in was the quickest, easiest, and most secure way to set up and use the link for transaction downloads. Unless Quicken just wanted to know our passwords, which wouldn't surprise me. What do they do with them?

I use the Brave browser. When I tried to add the Chase account and use Quicken setup to link it, Quicken was able to initiate the Chase bank-hosted sign-in, HOWEVER...

In the Brave browser, I was able to sign in to Chase, but all that was displayed was a blank white screen with the Chase logo at the top.

The Quicken/Add Account setup panel hung and displayed a circle with a dot running around the circumference that goes on forever.

So instead of linking the account to Chase, I just added the account with no link. That was fine until I had 50 or 60 Chase transactions that I needed to download. So I attempted setting up the link again.


I got this done without deactivating/reactivating accounts, without clearing browser data, or anything else.

Using the Brave 3-bar menu (top right), click on Settings
Left panel, click on Privacy and Security
Right panel, click on Site and Shields Settings
Right panel, under Shields settings, click on Shields status
Right panel, under Shields Down, click on Add (to the right)
This opens a pop-up that says, Add a site
I added both and (sign-in URL)

Problem solved for me.

I'm new to Brave, and I'm not a techie, but I've been using Quicken for over 20 years. I had forgotten that, years ago, the bank-hosted sign-in was the only option for linking credit card accounts. It took me more than a day's worth of research, trial, and error, because although there are tons of hits on this issue, nobody seemed to be getting anywhere, least of all, ME. This post is just to let others know that there is at least one happy Quicken user downloading transactions from Chase (no thanks to Quicken, who doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in helping us resolve this issue). AND to let Quicken know that I would be even happier if they tossed out their stupid password vault.


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    You have a few misconceptions.
    1. The changing from Direct Connect/OFX to Express Web Connect +/FDX eliminates the use of the username and password entirely.  Intuit (Quicken Inc's "aggregator") communicates with Chase using FDX which uses a rotating security token to access your account(s) instead of your username and password.  The logging into the Chase is for you to authorize this.
    2. The blank window/Brave browser is entirely a Brave/Chase kind of problem and really has very little to do with Quicken.  Given that there seems to be very few people using the Brave browser, it isn't surprising that Quicken support would have any information on it.  It is in fact the first time I have seen it mentioned in this forum.
    3. Just so you know Express Web Connect (without the +) does store the username and password on Intuit's server because that connection type does log in as you in the same way you would.  And that goes for having to go through multiple authentication and such if turned on.
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