Why don't sub categories show in Category Window? (Q Mac)

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I am running Quicken 6.11.1 for Mac. I can not see all my sub-categories. All I can see are the unused and required categories/sub-categories. This used to work and then it was broken, and then worked again, but in this version it is broken again.

For this discussion, I am going to focus on 3 Tax sub-categories that I am using. They are displayed in my register and scheduled deposit splits. However, when I went in to my Categories window (Window > Categories), None of my sub-categories that are in use appear. The only items which appear are:
1. Category
2. Required Category/sub-category
3. Unused Category/sub-category

Please fix once and for all. :s


  • Jon
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    I realize the selector at the top of the Categories window says "Show All Categories" but did you try changing it to something else & back again? It could be that the display is simply out of sync with the selection logic.

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  • mbates311
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    Yes. I have tried every option. Nothing works.
  • jacobs
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    @mbates311 This is a long-running problem that the developers have not yet fixed. There is some messed up setting in Quicken's preferences file which causes this problem with categories for a very small percentage of users. The only way to fix it that I'm aware of is to remove your Quicken preferences file and let it generate a new one. Doing so means you will need to reset some of your preference settings in Quicken, but it will fix your categories window. Here's how to do it:

    First, make a backup of your Quicken data file before beginning. Quit Quicken.

    Open the Users > [your home account name] > Library > Preferences folder and scroll down to find com.quicken.Quicken.plist. (To access the User Library folder, in the Finder, hold down the Option key while you pull down the Go menu; Apple hides the Library folder otherwise.) Drag this .plist file to your desktop. Now relaunch Quicken.

    You will likely have to point Quicken to your existing data file when it launches — don't let it create a new one — and then open your Categories window to see if everything is back to normal. 

    I'm not sure all the settings and preferences are lost by replacing the prefs file, so you may find you need to reset some other things. (For instance, my Register Text & Row Settings was reset to the default row height instead of the Compact setting I normally use, and some of my Sidebar preferences were reverted to default settings.) I also had to answer a security question for one of my accounts; I'm not sure if that's related, but since this never happens otherwise, I assume it was.

    If you don't get too messed you up by losing your existing preferences, and your categories are now okay, then carry on. If you find something is seriously amiss, you can quit Quicken, and drag the old preferences file from your desktop back to the Preferences folder; relaunching Quicken should now be back to where you were previously. 
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  • inside416
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    cannot suppress printing of sub categories in Q Mac. Reports only print everything. From above comments this looks like a serious and unresolved problem. Help
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