Bond market value calculation

I use Quicken Deluxe for Mac. I setup my download from etrade. System calculates market value on stocks correctly. The system treats bonds like stocks so it overstates value. My investment amount appears in shares so it multiplies shares by price. I've categorized the bond as a bond but that still doesn't fix. Help!


  • krhelp
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    More information. Quicken calculates market value as price x dollar amount of investment (noted as shares). if it's going to do this, it should take the price and divide by 100, then multiply. i've seen several other postings that are related to this issue. has it ever been resolved? chat feature says it's a problem with etrade but based on other posts, others experience the same issue with other brokerages.
  • PapaG
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    The same issue is occurring with data from Hilltop. Bascically I have to maually set the price by 1/100. Any solution?
  • StillHereInKy
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    I have this issue with bond downloads from First Republic and a Fiserv bank. Seems to be a Quicken (Mac) bug. I will try with Quicken (Windows) tomorrow. I have too many items to manually adjust pricing as the previous poster suggests (good suggestion!)
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    Hmm, well, I just realized I have some bonds with a market value of zero.

    So . . . this is a bug?  I know I wasn't missing this money a couple months ago when I last checked.  This is not user error but a program glitch?  (Quite the glitch for a program whose raison d'etre is finance management, kind of like a designing a boat that don't float!)

    This has got to be something I did, no?

  • Chris_QPW
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    @James J Did you also notice that the Cost Basis and the Gain/Loss?  Clearly if you have a loss equal to your cost basis you have no market value.  The big question is why do you have a loss equal to your cost basis?
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  • James J
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    @Chris_QPW Yeah it's strange.  There is a loss exactly equal to the cost basis because Quicken has no value for "Quote/Price".  So Quicken is calculating the price per share as $0, making the bonds literally valueless.

    I really don't know how that could have happened.  These are part of a collection of bonds and CDs that comprise a bond/cd ladder, so there's a bit of buying and selling as the bonds come due and I buy the next rung in the ladder.  I've had it for a few years.  I look at the total value of the ladder every week or two, at the most.  If I'm missing $16-20k it stands out to me, so whatever happened with the price per must have happened fairly recently.  Based on maturity dates of the affected bonds, I don't think I bought all of them recently.

     Even if I made an error somewhere when I bought the bonds, shouldn't Quicken pull the most recent price per share when it gets data from E*Trade?