Password length and composition nightmare

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Because of the LastPass breach I was going through a change pass for all my banking and investment accounts. Each had various lengths and requirements and I was trying to generate long passwords with everything available.

But when trying to use those new, valid passwords in Quicken I had a rude awakening. Searching support I find there are a lot of references to 16 character limits for the online transactions. In addition, I found that where the bank/investment supported symbols in a password, in some cases Quicken would only allow Alpha Numeric, or the length was even less than the 16.

The worst part of this is Quicken does not tell you what is wrong. The online transaction programming needs to be cleaned up and better error reporting built in that returns length and requirements that are failing. Getting “your password seems to be incorrect” or other useless messages just doesn’t cut it.


  • Chris_QPW
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    The only hard fast limitation to the password length is 32 characters as set out by the OFX standard that Quicken goes by.
    With that being said, what Quicken does is get the information from the financial institution on what their requirements are.
    With Direct Connect that comes back directly from the financial institution in an OFX message.  In the case of Express Web Connect the financial institution gives that information to Intuit which in turn provides it to Quicken (which at times means it is out of date/wrong for what the financial institution will really allow).
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    I spent a couple hours trying to connect (direct connect) to my financial institution after a password change. I could log in via browser but Quicken wouldn't connect. I had to remove the special characters to get Quicken to connect.
  • ChadStrunk
    The OFX standard isn't applicable here -- the Quicken UI has more restrictive limitations -- and Quicken has old or wrong information. For example, it says the American Express password length is 20 characters; whereas, American Express will allow passwords up to 256 characters.
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