Why QMac does not open in MacBook.

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The QMac app (both production and beta versions) will not open in MacBook.   I have deleted the apps and downloaded the production version (I can't find the beta version) but it still will not open.  The MacBook OS is Ventura 13.1.  The apps worked fine on the iMac (desktop), OS Ventura 13.1.  I don't know why it will not open.

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  • Jon
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    What happens when you try to start Quicken - do you get an error message? A spinning beachball cursor? Nothing at all?

    When you deleted & reinstalled the app did you also try resetting your preferences? Try dragging the com.quicken.Quicken.plist file (located at /Users/<your user name>/Library/Preferences) onto the desktop and starting Quicken. (If that works, you can delete the file on your desktop; if it doesn't work, you can put it back where it was.)

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    And if you haven't already, restart the MacBook.
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  • KJTemplin
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    Thanks for the help.  I deleted the library file as suggested and I still can't open a file.  I am getting pop ups as shown in the attached files.  I have tried reinstalling from a backup and I get similar pop ups.  Nothing seems to work.  Maybe the file is imply too big
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    Ah, that dialog box indicates what the problem is. It has nothing to do with the size of the file. (To my knowledge, there is no file "too big" in Quicken Mac.)

    The dialog box shows that you opened the file in Quicken version 6.11.1, but you are currently using version 6.10.3 on your computer. You need to update the Quicken app on your computer to 6.11.1 in order to open the file. In Quicken Mac, you typically cannot open a file used in a newer version of the program by an older versions of the program, because most version updates make changes to the structure of the database.

    I also note the name of your file starts with "iCloud". If this means you have stored the file on iCloud, I want to point out that that's a strict no-no. Storing a Quicken data file on any cloud storage service like iCloud or Dropbox is a receipt for eventually failure, including getting locked out of your data. You can use iCloud to safely store the backups of your Quicken data file, but not the live data file.
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  • KJTemplin
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    Thanks for the feedback.  How do I change where the file is stored? 
  • KJTemplin
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    Thanks again for the feedback.  It is very helpful.  I moved my QMac files to a User directory on my local drive.  I am hoping this eliminates my issues.  I was aware of the issue with using a cloud service to store files but concluded (incorrectly) that since the file was stored locally, it did not apply.
  • RickO
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    I'm a little confused here. If you just downloaded the production app, then it should be the 6.11 version. You should check that you don't have multiple copies of the app on your computer. You may have one in the top level Applications folder and another (older) copy in the User > my username > Applications folder, for example.
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  • KJTemplin
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    Thanks for the feedback.  Just to be clear, I uninstalled all QMac programs.  As this time, I have not downloaded either a Mac production or beta version.  The production version I had downloaded previously was from Quicken's web site.  It did not ask me to update it after I download so I assumed it was the current version.  I was wrong.  And so much for Quicken keeping their downloadable programs current.
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    If your Mac doesn't seem to turn on after you press the power button, follow these steps.

    Check power connections.
    Press and hold the power button.
    Unplug accessories.
    If you see something on your screen.
    If you see nothing on your screen.
    Reset the SMC

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