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I am new to working with Quicken.

I have several brokerage houses that I work with. Thus, in the sidebar summary, by default, I see "Investing | Brokerage" and then multiple accounts at different brokerage houses and then "Investing | Retirement" and then multiple accounts at different brokerage houses. At some brokerage houses, I have several accounts, e.g., brokerage, IRA, and 401K.

Is there either a way to arrange the side bar to reorganize the information into subcategories by FI OR is there a report I can run a report that will show just the summary amount that is shown in the side bar for a single FI? I assume there is a simple way to do this; just can't seem to figure it out. Thank you.


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    Edit: I'm sorry. I missed the fact that you're a Mac user. My answer applies only to Quicken for Windows users. Please ignore the following:

    You may want to try the Investing tab / Portfolio view.
    Set the view to Group by: Accounts and you'll get a list of all your accounts with all your securities holdings for each account.
    (This is an example from a test file which currently holds no securities, but I hope you get the idea)
    The view can be customized to show accounts in any order you'd like.
    However, a subtotal by brokerage is not available in this view of all accounts unless you create custom views, one showing only accounts for Brokerage A, another one showing only accounts for Brokerage B, etc.
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    Thank you this is closer to what I am seeking and was educational. How would I create a custom view, one showing only accounts for Brokerage A, another one showing only accounts for Brokerage B? I think if I could show a report for each FI, it would be helpful. Thank you.
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    In Quicken Mac, there is still no way to re-arrange accounts in the sidebar.

    Within one of Quicken's groupings, however, you can group the accounts in the order you wish by renaming them. For instance, I use numerical prefixes to show accounts in an order which is not alphabetical. For instance:
       1-Marriott Visa
       2-Hilton Amex
       3-Chase Visa

    As for reporting for a single account, simply select that account in the left sidebar, and the Portfolio view on the right side will show just that account. Set the filters to show what you want, such as "Portfolio Value" "By Security" and you can print the Portfolio as a report.

    If you want a report of several accounts, but not all, this is do-able as well, but may not be intuitive. For example, let's say you have several retirement accounts at Vanguard and several at Fidelity, and you want a report of just your Vanguard accounts. to do this, click on Retirement in the left sidebar. In the Portfolio filter line, the third filter will show "All Retirement Accounts". Pull down and select the first Vanguard account. Then pull down the same menu and select the second Vanguard account. You'l see that each account you select is now checked in the drop-down list. Select each Vanguard account, and the Portfolio view now reports on just those accounts. (Unfortunately, there is no way to save this view for re-use in the future, so you'll have to select the accounts each time you want to do so — but at least there's a way to do it.)
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    This is helpful. Thank you.