Password lengths allowed when connecting to accounts is not as long as banks allow

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I consider this a security concern, a longer password is a stronger password - quicken needs to support longer passwords.


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    If banks change their password settings for their websites, they need to also change the password rules in their transaction download processes, when communicating with Quicken. Until changed, the old rules continue to apply and you won't be able to use long passwords.
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    @Raina Quicken does support long passwords, up to the maximum specified in the OFX standard (which I believe is 32 characters). If your financial institution allows a longer password than Quicken is allowing you to enter, you can contact Quicken Support and ask them to escalate this issue to their connectivity service provider (Intuit), who would have to contact the financial institution to verify their rules and then make any needed changes. This is, unfortunately, not a quick process.

    You could also report this via Help > Report a Problem, but since that is a one-way communication channel, there's no way to know if Quicken understands and agrees there's an issue which needs to be fixed.
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