Edward Jones dividends importing as a Deposit and Buy txn(s) vs Div or ReinvDiv

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Beginning 1/1/2023, all of the dividends paid by holdings in all of my qualified and non-qualified Edward Jones accounts are importing as a cash Deposit transaction, followed by a Buy of the security (if the dividend was reinvested vs distributed). Prior to 1/1/23, all of the dividends paid were importing as either a Div transaction (if the dividend was distributed) or a ReinvDiv transaction (if the dividend was reinvested). Anybody else experience this behavior change? I'm running Quicken Windows R45.21 build


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    I'm still running R44.28 and my download last week had the same deposit and buy versus just a reinvest transaction, so it isn't something Quicken has changed, but something that Edward Jones did in my opinion.
    I just deleted the deposits, selected the buys, hit the edit button, did a Alt-V to turn it into a Reinvest transaction and then saved it.
    Hopefully, EJ returns to their previous process, otherwise, there is an easy workaround.

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    I spent an hour an 53 minutes on the phone with Edward Jones Online Support and they denied making any changes to their systems and claimed they have been in an end of year change freeze since 12/20. They claimed that it is Quicken that is changing or incorrectly interpreting the transactions. Manually fixing the transactions is not such an easy workaround since I have 8 accounts with Edward Jones, some with dividends reinvested and some with dividends distributed. I spent 2 hours manually fixing all the transactions imported just since 1/1 yesterday.
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