Why no explanation of 'resolved'?

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Saw this post today..... related to Downloading Issues.
I just wonder why there isn't some explanation regarding what was done to 'resolve' the issue? Or a link to a summary article with a nice summary to explain how they fixed such a messy problem?


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Thank you!


  • Chris_QPW
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    Most likely because they don't know.  First off, it has been pointed out that the moderators don't have a direct pipeline to the developers.  They are "informed" about things, but that is about it.  Second, whenever you talk about download issues the "fix" is most likely not coming from Quicken Inc, or if it is there are other parties involved that may not feedback what was changed.

    Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect + download flow involves:
    Quicken (the program), Quicken servers/Quicken Cloud dataset, Intuit, the financial institution

    Direct Connect flow involves:
    Quicken (the program), the financial institution

    A given download problems is seldom Quicken (the program) because if it was messing up it would affect all downloads (which can happen but is pretty rare).  The Quicken servers/Quicken Cloud dataset is going to pretty generic and not know a lot about any individual financial institution's "quirks".  So, again, when it messes up it usually for more than one financial institution.

    That leaves Intuit and the financial institutions.  Each of which might have to tweak code because of changes (most of the time on financial institution side).  It is unlikely they report back to Quicken Inc anything more than "its fixed".  In fact, most likely the way they find out that it is fixed is because it starts working and Quicken users report that.
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    "Resolved" is a weasel word. It can just as easily mean "user error, working as designed" as "bug found and fixed." It's too bad we don't get more precise communications.

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  • bobbakerarizona
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    Thanks.  I guess it makes sense. 

    But with issues, like 'change over to Web Connect+', on different on new financial institutions, to include known improvements. Like "deactivate all accounts before changing".

    Thanks for taking the time to provide some additional insight.
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