Quicken did not handle a pre refunding of a public bond transactions in my Roth IRA

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In April 2022 my investment manager purchased a University of Colorado bond, with Schwab as the custodian. It was pre refunded in October 2022. My Roth IRA portfolio now still shows the original bond par units as well as the new par units but the sale transactions and replacement bond par units were recorded by Quicken as 'Uncategorized' with no dollar figures. My portfolio is ~$47,000. total too high.

I am not sure how to manually correct the Roth IRA transaction register for its mishandling of the downloaded bond pre refunding.


  • Tom Young
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    I take it the Colorado bond was "called" early.  Within Quicken you could record that as a sale.  That would remove the old bond and increase the cash in the Account accordingly.  Undoubtedly the cash received is partly for the bond itself and partly interest that you're owed and you could then make two entries, but since basis and income and gain/loss really aren't all that important inside a Roth, a simple sale with a resulting gain would suffice.
  • LarryNolan
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    Thanks for your help Tom. I found that the problems Quicken created by handling the pre refunding reported by Schwab were all resolved (including the market value being too high) by me entering a per share purchase price for the Univ Colorado bond.
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