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In the past I have manually uploaded my empower retirement contributions from their website. I cannot find that link on empower now. (OFX?) Can anyone tell me where this is located on the empower retirement website?


  • Tom Young
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    There's a few financial institutions (FIs) that have "Empower" as the first word in their names.  Assuming that I've selected the correct "Empower" FI:
    69265    69265    69265    Empower Retirement    https://www.massmutual.com/    1-800-767-1000    https://accounts.massmutual.com/login?client=Momwi9VjwihM4TKFn3XWaoH2xAQd3Z6T&protocol=samlp&tenant=accounts-auth0#bookmark    ACTIVE                   ACCOUNTINFO,INVESTMENT,401K&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    It looks like the only support Express Web Connect as the downloading method.  Maybe something has changed?
    The easiest approach here is to get in touch with Empower and ask them if you can still download a file from their site or if you need to use EWC.

  • PB&J
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    Empower (Empower Retirement) disabled the ability to download your transactions. They say they intend to get this function working this quarter.
  • DhiruT
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    Empower Retirement used to have "Quicken OFX" option in their Transaction History tab. I can't find it anymore. I called Empower and they circled me through four representative and then the call went cold (probably dropped me). I had to repeat the story everytime and none of the representative of "Web Service support" had a clue on what I was talking about. No other option was offered. I will try to push through my employer to see if the same can be restored. Let's keep posting so Quicken can use their influence to get the OFX support restored at Empower.
  • ilysvvm1978
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    Empower Retirement used to have "Quicken OFX" option in their Transaction History tab. Please have them reload that capability. thanks
  • ak71
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    Just talked to one of their representatives and he didn't even know what Quicken is. Kept pointing me to the PDF statement. Unbelievable. He finally connected me to an escalation rep, who at least knew what Quicken is. She told me they are still working on the fix, but not sure when it'll be available.
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