Possible fix for Graylady's printing issue from 2022

kathleenohara Member
Like Graylady, I also have a very old version of Quicken, 2001 Deluxe. After installing on Windows 11, I was not able to print. I tried all the tricks of deleting and regenerating the WPR.ini and .dat files, tried to update with a patch, etc. Just like Graylady, neither the Printer Setup page nor the Print dialog would display. What finally fixed it for me was changing the default printer in Windows to Microsoft Print to PDF and then trying to print a report. The Print dialog now would display when printing. Then I changed the default printer back to my LaserJet. Once I did that the the Printer Setup page would display and allow me to select my printer from the dropdown. Two days in I am extremely happy to have a solution to print again.


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