10Jan2023: How do I open a support ticket during "non-normal Quicken hours"?

LarryHolmes1414 Member ✭✭
Every day this week I have had to start my day with trying to resolve an on-going CC-800 issue with Ally Bank when I perform daily One Step Update. Over the years I have contact the help desk, and they have walked me thru server different paths... all ending up being: 1) sanize my local data file 2) Deactivate on-line for each of the 4 accounts 3) Add Ally Bank bank, being certain to "link with existing" accounts. I reported the issue now twice... and have no choice but to schedule on my work calendar a 1 hour period to call 650-250-1900 and wait. Surely Quicken has another path for someone who submits a report to request a service ticket, so both of us can do our work in our local time zone... then if that does not resolve the issue I will gladly que up for a 1-on-1


  • Jim_Harman
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    The only way to open a support ticket is to communicate with a Quicken rep by phone or chat.

    You can send information about a problem via Help > Report a Problem but you will not get a response.
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